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[06 Mar 2005|11:53pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Death. I personally think its the hardest thing to cope with.I dont get why people have to die.If theres a god then why does he put people on the earth then take them right out leaving the ones that care about them broken..I have been thinking alot lately about both Paul and my grandpa, they both died on December 4th but one year apart.People say everything happens for a reason, but I still can not figure out the reasons for them too no longer be here.I dont understand.............If theres life after death and its so much better there than why do we live here on earth, why dont we just skip this step in life..I wish same why I could just figure out all the answer or just somehow make it feel right inside....

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Shannon went to laugh and blew snot outta her nose..It was funny [24 Feb 2005|07:20pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

So its been almost a month since Kev's been gone..I miss being able to call him at anytime just to talk to him and him to be there to listen..He calls every chance he gets but we can only talk for like 5 minutes.. Im grounded and I have to say it sucks big time but hopefully I can get back on track and start doing better in school..Other than those two downers in my life I would have to say lifes great..I have a rad best friend..She always buts me in better moods even when im really down..and she always crack a stupid joke at the right time..Im happy tomorrow is friday I have had enough school for this week..But lucky me gets to go to saturday school for the first time ever this weekend!!! Hope everyone had a good week and has a great weekend

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This Weekend Was Alot Of Fun... [22 Feb 2005|11:19am]
[ mood | okay ]

I stayed home today cause I didnt feel good but now im bored so I thought I would update about my..Friday night after practice I didnt do anything get came home and packed for the desert then went to bed early..Saturday woke up and picked up Shannon and then we headed down to La Jolla for my CIF game..It rained most of the time and my sister and Shannon left not even half way through it to go home and dry their clothes..We lost like we thought we would..Anyways after the game I rode home with my parents and we dropped my mom off and picked Shannon and my sister up then we went up to the desert..The ride up was fun..My brother rode and met us and showed us were camp was then we all left to the drags.. then we went back to the camp and just hungout then me Shannon and Travis all went on a ride..Later that night we all went back out to this one hill and we stayed there till like 1 in the morning watching everyone race.Sunday was fun just hungout around camp and went on rides...Shannon went to bed way early so I was pretty bored..We all just sat around the fire and talked and watch my dad be drunk..But then me Frank Jecca Richelle Ryan and Travis went to the hill again but there wasnt that any people there this time so we didnt stay long..On the way back we saw this buggee in the canal..The guy got cut off and ended up in the canal upside down but everyone got out ok..It was  $70,000 and he only had it for like 4 hours..Came back to camp and went to sleep...Monday we all woke up early and packed everything up then me Frank Jecca Ryan and Travis went on one last ride then we left..Got home around 2 unpacked showered and was asleep by like 7.Hope Everyone had a nice weekend

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[16 Feb 2005|09:06pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

Today was just one of those where nothing seemed to go right and everything felt sooo wrong..I hate those days and it seems like I get those alot lately...This weekend is going to be alot of fun..I cant wait to get away..

[ Love To Live ]

you have to choose one, you cant ride two horses at once...LOL [14 Feb 2005|07:09pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Today was alright..Me and Kenny had what we thought was a full prove plan for Shan, put it was screwed up, had polo practice and cut my finger on the thing that rolls the covers pretty bad, went to Wal Mart with my sister where she got my hopes up on telling me she would buy me rewriteable CDs but she made me put them back cause she had less monet than she thought, then I came home and decided there was nothing better to do so I went on to cook myself a corn dog and tater tots, but I manged to burn them..Shan then IM's me and invites me over for her to cook me dinner ( grilled cheese and im bringing the tater tots) and go in the jacuzzi, So I took her up on that offer so now im just waiting for Kevon to call then im heading over to Shans house...


Hope everyone had a nice STUPID Valentine's Day

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[13 Feb 2005|06:40pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

So this weekend was nice and relaxing..Thursday night just stayed home watched The OC and was asleep by like 9:30, but then got a call from Kenny at like 11 and talked to him for like an hour or so..Friday dont really remeber what happend during the day I dont think anything..Went to Melanies work and ate with Shan and stayed there for like an hour and a half..Then went hungout with Mel Laura and Shan..Shan spent the night then saturday me and shan went to tilly's..then at 6 me and my mom left here and went to see Kev..we had to check in at 7 then wait an hour at the jail then we finally got to see him at 8:15..we put $20 on his books so he could buy some stuff.I was so excited to see him..He looked different than the last time I saw him he got his head shaved..But it was also sad to see him like that..We are going back in two weeks..Then we drove home and my mom dropped me off at Shan and me and her went tot the drive ins..we didnt have enough money so I laid in the back of her car..Shan fell asleep within like 20 minutes..after I was done watching the movie we went back to her house and spent the night..Today we went shopping for a prom dress for her..She found one that is really pretty but we had to venture downtown to find if that was an adventure in its self..Now im going to pick her up so she can come eat my chinese food  and sleep in my bed..Next weekend me and Shan are going to the desert for four whole days..It will be exciting!!!Hope everyone had a nice weekend...

[ Love To Live ]

Like Some How You Just Dont Belong and No One Understands You [10 Feb 2005|09:12pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

So Basically it is the worst feeling to work so hard and so long for something and in the end you still end up failing...I guess playing your best isnt good enough

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June 9th Could You Please Come a Lil Quicker.. [03 Feb 2005|02:45pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

people talk so much shit its unbelievable..what people do with their lives is nobody else's business and people should'nt worry about others, they should just worry about their own selfs..high school is way too much drama..only 78 days left..cant freakin wait..Hope everyone had a better day than I did..

I Miss You Now More Than Ever :(

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79 School Days Left!!!! [02 Feb 2005|08:49pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Last night was the El Cap game, it was so lame we lost with about 5 seconds left..I swear El Cap paid the refs to do everything in their power to make them win it was lame.. After the game Shan followed me to my house then we went and got ice cream with some boys, it was fun..Then we just went back to her house and I spent the night..Today I only went to one class then I came home at lunch and got ready to go to Kev's court hearing..Got to the court house around 1 and his thing started at 1:30..There was alot of people that went before him..Him and Sean were like the last ones..They both got their bails lowered but not low enough so that someone could bail him out..$125,000 is still a bit high..It was so weird seeing him like that, I didnt like it at all but theres nothing I can do but support him through this and just be here for him to talk to..His next court hearing is sometime next week.Hopefully I can miss more school to go.But I did finally get to talk to him after school yesterday it was a short talk but good :)Tomorrow Shan Gets to Spend The Night and The OC is on! Hope Everyone has A Nice rest of the week..

[ Love To Live ]

[30 Jan 2005|11:39am]
[ mood | sore ]

so this three day weekend me and Shan had was fun..she spent the night thursday night...no school for us friday cause we didnt feel like going so we went to lunch with Alli then went up to Paul's grave..we put red flowers down and stay for a while..I came home and slept while she went to ken's then she called and woke me up and then we went to the drive in's and saw Hide and Seek and White Noise..Neither of them were scary they were both kinda stupid.but besides that it was fun..Saturday we woke up around 5:30 and got everything ready and loaded yup the car and waited for Travis to get here..then we were off..we got up to the desert around 8:15 and unloaded then went for a ride..My brother taught Shan how to ride my quad..We went for a couple more rides then my mom called and said my aunt was going into labor..so we packed everything up and me and shan took quick showers when we got here then went up to the hospital around 6..She didnt have the baby till 10:15 so me and Shan sat in the waiting room for about 4 hours watching my cousins..The baby's still nameless but she is 8 pounds and is 19 inches long..

The Baby and The DesertCollapse )

[ Love To Live ]

[26 Jan 2005|08:56pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Today while driving to water polo I was thinking about Paul and totally broke down crying..it was outta no where..everyday I think about him but today was just different it was weird...I miss your smile and your laugh..and the advice you would give me on guys..Thanks for being such an awesome friend..I miss ya..

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!!DiRtY PoP!! [24 Jan 2005|09:39pm]
[ mood | quixotic ]

so tonight after polo I picked Shan up and we went to Tilly's..She bought some shirts then we met my mom and Richelle for dinner..After thats me and Shan went to Target were we got glowsticks and dog food and school supplies..It was funny Shan was carrying a thing of dog food and it was like 20 pounds or so and she was like quickly running to the cashier so she wouldnt drop it, it was rather entertaining..Anyways after that we went to Staples then to Starbucks..Hopefully this week goes by quickly so the freakin weekend can be here.

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Hurry Up And Come Home!!! [23 Jan 2005|06:41pm]
[ mood | sore ]

this weekend wasnt to exciting..Friday I didnt really plan to do anything but I couldnt go to sleep cause random people kept calling..Then finally I just got up and went to Melanie's then we ended up going to Kev's and hanging out there till I had to be home..Saturday I woke up way late and barely made it to my game in time in La Jolla..we lost but after the game the whole team went down to PB and ate at The Broken Yolk..it was really good and fun..after that it was back to La Jolla and we had another game.We won..came home and took a shower then went down to blockbuster and rented some movies..came home and watched one then started watching the other one with my mom but I started falling asleep..so I just went to bed I was asleep by like 9 but then I got a call form Shan at like 10:30 that totally freaked me out ..but I went back to bed then my sister comes in at like 1 and said Kev was on his way over..He came over and laid with me for a while but I kept falling asleep cause I took tylenol PM so he left around 2 and I just went to sleep..Today Me My Bro Matt and Ryan went to Pine Valley and Went Riding for a couple of hours it was fun..now im going to dinner with Britt Davin and my sis..

[ Love To Live ]

"if we crashed and u died.I would feel bad because your family would put so much guilt on me" Alli [21 Jan 2005|07:49pm]
[ mood | drained ]

this week went by so slowCollapse )

[ Love To Live ]

[17 Jan 2005|01:54pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

So life couldnt be much better right now..I have figured out that I dont need a boy in my life to be happy..Im perfectly content without one well for now untill I can find one that actually wants to be with me..My friends are awesome and I dont know what I would do without them!! Hope everyone had a great four day weekend!

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[14 Jan 2005|02:13pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Bored And Nothing Better To DoCollapse )

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[13 Jan 2005|03:01pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

All I Have to say is Our Film's Video was the Shit..And Have a Wonderful 4 day weekend..Cause I know I will!!

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it sucks waiting but those who are worth it are worth the wait [10 Jan 2005|10:28pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

well I went to school on like 4 hours of sleep and looking like a wreck but I managed to survive the hell hole..fell asleep in 4th but woke up to Wesley drawing on my face..then I got both our cell phones taken away..Sorry Wesley..for sure failed the tests I took today but whats new..then feel asleep yet again in films and woke up just in time to go home..then it was home for a few and then to polo..we got to play a fun game and the diving board was involved..Im not even tired but I think im going to force myself to bed..Night everyone

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Dont Let Him Leave You With A Pillow Full Of Dried Up Tears [10 Jan 2005|12:30am]
[ mood | determined ]

So we totally kicked West Hill's asses it was nice..Shan Shar and Mel were all there to cheer for me and a few others..After it was time for the OC..Me and Shan watched it together than David and Kev came over..Me and David died Shan's hair it was fun..They stayed till like 12 or something then my mom said they had to go..Friday school was lame so was practice we were only in the pool for like 30 minutes so I didnt see the point of getting in..Friday night was a total blast with Shan and Mel..Saturday babysat for 14 hours, but the good part was I got $100 which was much needed..Today I have just been doing lame homework..Went to the Carmody's for Eric bday and Kyle's going away party..It was fun then after that I went to Kim's and watched a movie with her and Ryan..then took Ryan home and me and Kim went on a adventure..Kim had to go home so I went and made Mel come to Starbucks with me and now im home not wanting to do my lame culinary arts project..


4 day week then 4 day weekend then 4 day week again!! Fianls are this week which is lame but hey what can you do..Hopefully going to the desert this weekend but if not then hopefully it will be fun and eventfull

So Its 12:40 im not even close to being done with my homework im bored of it so im takign a lil break to post some pics...

Pics!Collapse )

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[05 Jan 2005|09:58pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Wow Today started off WAY bad but then got better First got pulled over and Iwas  just about to get a ticket then some guy comes racing by the cop in his car and runs into a brick wall then him and his friend jump out of the car and start running so all the cops jump on the motorcylce and speed off..I got off with out a ticket but the shit scared outta me..Then I went to breakfast with Mari ( that was fun though)..Got to school failed two test..Jill's to film or awesome filsm video..then went to polo and played silent the treatment with the rest of the team towards the nazi coach of ours..won the game, scored a goal...Now im home typing this lame directors project..Im not going to 2nd tomorrow so I get to sleep in..cant wait for the weekend!


So tomorrows the game against West Hills ( YOU SHOULD REALLY ALL COME ITS AT 5:30 At SANTANA AND ITS GOING TO BE A GOOD GAME)..Im Stoked its going to be a blast..AND Shar's Coming!! But what sucks is that I really want him there but I know some how some way he wont come...And the whole game I will be looking and waiting for him to get there,then I will play even shittyer..


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